"The Nancy Way" is the song by the chapter Nancy Quits the Clancy’s. It is the first aired song of season two.


Nancy is ready to live on her own and have so much fun without a must to do tedious chores!


One day I'll have a home
To call my own
To be the boss of
And then, life will be most sublime
Playdates will last all day
A week's okay
A there'll be lots of them
And never, will be the new bedtime

Oh, how I long to
Live life the Nancy way
I crave the freedom
The me-dom
No one telling me not to play
I won't have to put my toys away
And if I want, I'll stay up late
Wish I could live the Nancy way today

I hear the call of fate
To relocate
Start out on my own
It's time to live life my way
I'm ready to go!

Cause, oh
How I long to
Live life the Nancy way
Prepare for laughs
And arts and crafts
And, no awful chores, hooray!
It's time for me to break away
And live my life the Nancy way
The Nancy way which stars to day

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