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"Super Nancy" is the second segment of the twenty-fifth episode of Fancy Nancy, also featuring the first season finale.


When Nancy imitates a fancy superhero, she winds up discovering she has a superpower of her own: courage.


Nancy goes to Lionel’s treehouse and being scared when she notices that Lionel’s dad broke the ladder, and she has to go up with a knotted rope instead; with Bree and Lionel’s help, she climbs the rope. Finally up, she discovers they were sorting through a comic book collection, and she thinks it is "not very classy".

Everything changes when she finds a comic book about a superhero named Dazzle Girl, Nancy being amazed and wants to be like her, so, she wears a Dazzle Girl costume along with the dazzling ring that she uses in the comics.

She helps the neighbors and makes some good actions, but her biggest challenge appears when she has to rescue JoJo from Lionel’s treehouse, and for it, Nancy has to climb the knotted rope without help. Jojo had gone up to pretend to be a person-in-danger and get Nancy’s help, but she became in a real one when she had to go down.

Nancy confronts her fears and climbs the rope of herself, but she cannot go down, so, Nancy uses her dazzling ring, and Lionel finally notices they are stuck in his treehouse and he asks his mom to call Claire, giving a finale to this episode and season.


Nancy wearing a Dazzle Girl costume while is singing "Dazzle Girl to the Rescue!".

In order of appearance:

Main Characters:

Support Characters:


  • Comic books
    • Dyno Boy: The Electrical Lad
    • Beetle Betty: The Bug Officer
    • Dazzle Girl ​​​​(original and Nancy version )
  • Dazzle Girl costume
    • Dazzling ring
  • Homemade Eiffel Tower (only appears during the song; giant version)


  • Plainfield
    • Lionel's Treehouse (house backyard)
    • Clancys' House
    • Oak Street
    • Mrs. Devine's House (facade; only appears during the song)
    • James' House (facade; only appears during the song)
    • Lionel's House (Lionel's room)
  • Nancy's Imagination
    • Dazzle Girl (inside the comic)



  • This is the first episode based on comics and superheroes. A comic appeared in "Nancy Clancy, Pet Psychic!" but it just was a regular object used by Jonathan and it doesn't have any other participation in that episode.
  • During the song, Rhonda and Wanda are wearing the same dresses they used in "Chez Nancy"; both times happened inside Nancy's Imagination.
  • The pink bear that falls while Nancy is singing, comes from another Disney Junior show named "Sofia the First", from the episode "Baileywick's Day Off"; it is a gift to all Amber's pink tea party attendants.
  • It is the first time that Lionel's mom has a mention in the show and the second that Lionel's room appears.
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