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"Stronger Than Before" is the song by the episode "Nancy Braves the Storm." It is sung by Frank (grandpa,) Doug (dad) and Nancy. At the end of the episode there is a reprise sung only by Nancy.


Doug and Frank rebuild Nancy's playhouse with better materials to make Nancy feel secure in it. But it does not work since Nancy is too scared and thinks she will never go inside her playhouse again. Then her parents and her grandpa tell her that do not worry, someday she will be ready. So, she decides to take her time till she is ready and stronger than before.


Frank: When the sky above has fallen
Doug: And your roof has just caved in
Frank: That's when Gramps--
Doug: And Dad
Frank: Come calling
With a toolbox to begin

Both: To patch the hole
In your ceiling
Even though you're reeling
We've a feeling, we can fix it
And what's more
Frank: We've the power to rebuild
Repair, restore
Both: And make it stronger
Than it ever was before

Nancy: But that storm
It shook my rafters
And now everything
Feels frail
Frank: So we're here
The morning after
With a hammer
Doug: And some nails

Frank: To patch the gap
In your gable
Nancy: Though it was unstable
You are able to dig in
And do this chore

Both: We're set to hoist
Your brand-new roof
And make it soar
So much stronger
Than it ever was before

Nancy: So don't be scared
When storms are brewing
Grown-ups know
What they are doing
To keep the roof
From crashing to the floor

Both: We made it stronger
Than it ever was before
Nancy: So let's hear it again
Or in French, "Encore!"
All: So much stronger
Than it ever was before

Nancy: -Ooh là là, it does look stronger than before

Though the hole
In my ceiling is all fixed
I'm still reeling, it's a feeling
Like I'm nervous and unsure
So, Marabelle,
Let's trust the grown-ups
Till we feel secure
Till we're stronger
Than we ever were before

See, with each passing hour
I can feel, I'm gaining power
Maybe soon I'm gonna make it
Through that door
I'll be stronger
Than I ever was before
So much stronger
Than I've ever been before


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