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"Grandpa Sid" better known as "Poppy" is Nancy and JoJo's paternal grandfather and a recurring character in Fancy Nancy. He is a geologist and professor, who lives in Chicago.


Sid is passionate about his work as geologist since he really loves the study of rocks.


Nancy & JoJo

Nancy & JoJo are his granddaughters. He loves to play with them and treats them kindly, and even though they get to see each others a few times a year because he lives faraway Plainfield, Nancy & JoJo love Poppy as much as he loves them, so they have an excellent grandpa-granddaughters relationship.


Grammy is his wife. This relationship is unknown, but as seen in "The Amazing Adventures of Grammy and Poppy," they live together in Chicago and treat each other with respect and kindness.


Doug is his son. It is unknown if Doug was an only child, how Doug's childhood was, and how good or bad dad was Sid. But anyways, they currently have an excellent father-son relationship.


Claire is his daughter-in-law. He has been respectful and kind to her all the time as much as she has been to him, so they have a good relationship.


They are friends as seen in "Nancy's Favorite Grandpa." They have not "fought" to be the best grandpa of Nancy & JoJo and instead they rather to work together to make them double happy.


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