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Just add a little fancy, and you'll make it fantastique
Nancy in her theme song
Nancy Margaret Clancy is the main protagonist and title character of the Disney Junior CGI animated series Fancy Nancy. She is a young girl who loves to turn ordinary into extraordinary because everything looks better when she Adds a Little Fancy!


Nancy loves all things that are girly, such as extravagant outfits, ballet, fashion shows, and tea parties. Paris, France is her most favorite city. She has a knowledge of her favorite language, French, and also knows of many tourist attractions in Paris and teaches her friends about them. Also, she has a lot of imagination as seen in many episodes where she imagines herself in Paris, having the greatest tea party or even chatting with the Queen.

As a kid and human, she sometimes makes bad mistakes to her best friend Bree, her younger sister, or any another friend or relative, even to her parents, faking about being sick, for example, but she learns her lesson and apologizes in the end..

Physical appearance

Nancy is a fair-skinned young girl who has very fancy ginger hair, and green eyes with thin eyebrows.

In most episodes, Nancy wears a bright pink tutu, a blue bow belt and a yellow t-shirt with pink borders using also a pair of colored pantyhose and a small pair of socks with pink ballet flats.

Five Things About Nancy

  1. Nancy's favorite color is fuchsia.
  2. Nancy adores butterflies.
  3. Nancy has an adorable dog named Frenchy.
  4. Nancy has her own secret delivery mailbox to share all her party invitations and secret messages with her best friend Bree.
  5. Nancy has her own playhouse (Play Palace).


  • Her middle name, Margaret, was revealed in "Nancy's Supréme Night Out."
  • She is the only member in her immediate family whose hair is ginger instead of black/brown.
  • According to Robin Preiss Glasser, illustrator and co-creator of the Fancy Nancy original book series, Nancy was inspired by dolls with crazy hair like in the highly popular Trolls franchise.
  • As the main protagonist, she is the only character to have appeared in every episode so far.
  • She has more outfits than any other character in the series
  • She has participated in every song except I've Got Two Sides.
  • Nancy Kanter, current executive vice-president of content & creation strategy for Disney Channels Worldwide and general manager of Disney Junior Worldwide said that when she was kid, her entire family used to called her "Fancy Nancy."
  • Since April of 2019, Disney's Hollywood Studios features a meet-and-greet location as part of the park's animation courtyard where guests can meet her.


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