Nancy Margaret Clancy is the main protagonist and title character of Fancy Nancy.


Nancy loves fancy stuff (extravagant outfits, tea parties, fashion shows, etc.) and also loves France, especially Paris because she thinks that it is the fanciest place in the whole world. For it, she learned basic French but also learned English fancy words. Sometimes, she makes bad mistakes to Bree but Nancy always apologizes to her after learning from her mistakes and getting along with her as best friends.

Physical appearance

Nancy is a fair-skinned young girl who has very fancy red hair, and green eyes with thin eyebrows.

In most episodes, Nancy wears a beautiful pink tutu, a blue bow belt and a yellow t-shirt with pink borders using also a pair of colored pantyhose and a small pair of socks with pink ballet flats.

Five Things About Nancy

  1. Nancy's favorite color is fuchsia.
  2. Nancy adores butterflies.
  3. Nancy has an adorable dog named Frenchy.
  4. Nancy has her own secret delivery mailbox to share all her party invitations and secret messages with her best friend Bree.
  5. Nancy has her own playhouse (Play Palace).


Total appearances: 54



  1. "Nancy's Parcel Purrrsuit", season 1, episode 21B


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