Nancy's BFF Babysitter is the first segment of the twenty-fourth episode of Fancy Nancy.


Nancy rebels against her favorite teenage babysitter who fails to treat Nancy like a peer.


When Doug and Claire have a night out, Brigitte becomes Nancy and JoJo's babysitter. They have a good time playing, but when it is time to sleep, Nancy has upset because Brigitte is treating her like a little kid, so she hides and sneaks from Brigitte for keeping awake after her bedtime, and accidentally, Brigitte locks up the doors while Nancy is outside.

Nancy asks desperately for help and calls Brigitte attention, but now she is in problems with Brigitte and her parents. After Brigitte talks with her about the responsibilities and also that she has to say what happened to her parents, Brigitte tells her to don't grow up so fast and enjoy being a little kid, finishing the episode with her parents arrive.


In order of appearance:

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dudley's Hat (JoJo's pirate hat).
  • Fairyland Village (board game: includes roulette and characters).



  • Sam Riegel (dialogue director) plays the British man in the sophisticated movie that is being watched by Brigitte in the living room, and Sarah Margaret Mitchell (probably Jamie Mitchell's relative) plays the British woman.
  • When Claire is talking with Brigitte at the beginning of this episode, she calls her "Bridget", so this might be her real name, and "Brigitte" is just a nickname.
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