"JoJo Clancy" (born 2015) is Nancy's younger sister and a major character in Fancy Nancy


JoJo enjoys playing pirate with Freddy and Nancy, even with Dudley, her imaginary friend, but she also plays fancy games with Nancy and Bree, like tea parties, and dress-up.

She doesn't like to be without her parents or when she has no one to play with and she gets mad if Nancy touches her stuff or if Frenchy "hurts" Mr. Monkey, her beloved stuffed animal.


JoJo has brownish-black hair and fair skin with greyish green eyes. She has a long-sleeved pink shirt with green overalls and a pair of red sneakers.

Five Things About JoJo

  1. JoJo has an imaginary friend named Dudley.
  2. JoJo is a PIT (Pirate In Training)
  3. JoJo loves to help.
  4. JoJo giggles a lot.
  5. JoJo loves her stuffed animal "Mr. Monkey".


  • In the original book series, she remained unnamed until 2014.


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