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JoJo Clancy
Josephine Jane Clancy better known as JoJo Clancy is Nancy's younger sister and a major character in Fancy Nancy. She is a three year old who considers herself a pirate in training.


JoJo loves to help her family and friends, as well as pirate stuff like ships, treasures, and pirate talk. She is a little kid and she acts like so, being sad when her parents are not around or when she does not have anyone to play with - that is why she created Dudley; and getting mad when Nancy touches or takes her stuff without permission, or when Nancy breaks a promise to her.

She usually is kind and tries to help her family and friends, but as a little kid, she may make some bad mistakes like her older sister Nancy, like when she took Nancy's veil out in "Nancy's Parfait Birthday," even though that could have ruined her birthday party. But, like her sister, she always apologizes and learns her lesson.



Nancy and JoJo have different tastes, but they get to play with each other a lot; sometimes they play what Nancy wants to, like dress up or tea parties, and other times what JoJo wants to, like pirate island, and despite they sometimes disagree, they have a good sister relationship.


Freddy and JoJo are best friends, and they play and do almost everything together. Even though both are pirates in training who love to explore and find treasures, JoJo does not like to do so all the time, therefore they have disagreed. But after all, they are best friends, so they ended playing with each other anyways.


JoJo is nice to her parents; she is not rude, nor naughty at all. Doug and Claire are great parents and are always taking care of her and making her feel happy.


Similar to her relationship with her parents, she is not rude or naughty, and her grandparents are always taking care of her and making her feel happy.


JoJo has brownish-black hair and fair skin with greyish green eyes. She has a long-sleeved pink shirt with green overalls and a pair of red sneakers.

Five Things About JoJo

  1. JoJo has an imaginary friend named Dudley.
  2. JoJo is a PIT (Pirate In Training)
  3. JoJo loves to help.
  4. JoJo giggles a lot.
  5. JoJo loves her stuffed animal "Mr. Monkey".



  • In the original book series, she remained unnamed until 2014.
  • In "Bon Voyage, Nancy!", it’s revealed her full name is Josephine Jane Clancy.
  • In "Smitten by a Kitten", she learns that she's allergic to cats.
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