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"If You Have A Dream" is the song by the episode "Nancy the Auteur" It is sung by Nancy. Being also the third song about Nancy.



Nancy: Grace, everyone, I promise if you believe in my dream of making a movie, then I will find a way to make it happen!

Nancy: It's true we haven't got a lot of money
Or know-how or experience or stuff
I guess the whole idea sounds kinda funny
To think a bunch of kids could pull this off

That little bird can fly across the ocean
And fish can find a way to swim upstream
They've got what it takes to get in motion
And so do we! Because we have a dream

Lionel: But how do we make it thunder?
Nancy: That's easy, a drum can make it rumble and will make the bushes sway
The audience will never stop to wonder
How it could be so stormy when the sky is blue today

See if you have a dream
It seems
You'll always find a way

Roberto: But don't we need a boatload?
Nancy: Don't worry, just think of what could be a boat a drifting river spray
It could be almost anything that floats so
We'll just make sure to keep the camera really far away

Oh if you have a dream
It seems
You'll always find a way

Grace: But wasn't there a bear to...
Nancy: Well that's okay
A costume and a hairdo
Is all it takes

Bree: But what about the forest?
Nancy: Please, a wilderness is just some trees and bushes anyway
We'll have the biggest wildest and outdoors-est
As long as we make sure to move that garbage can

Yes if you have a dream
It seems
You'll always find a way

Just look at we started out with, zero!
But now we've got the things we're needing to
A boat a storm a woods a bear a hero
And all it took to get there was a dream

So follow me
It's time to seize the day
Cause when you have a dream
You'll always find a way

Bree: Just look at what we started out with, zero
Rhonda & Wanda: But then you made us feel we were a team
Lionel: And all along the way you were our hero
Grace: Because you let us share your special dream

Everyone: So let us help
To finish it today
Nancy: Cause when you have a dream
You'll always find a way


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