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"I've Got Two Sides" is the song by the episode "Love, Lionel", being also the first song performed only by Lionel (Malachi Barton.)


Lionel needs Nancy's help to show everyone he is kind and sweet, and not just funny.


I'm in a bind
Because of how I am defined
Of course funny comes to mind
But I'm also, kind

I like to mug
I like dribble glasses
That go glug-glug
But hey, I'd also like a hug
Is that so "ugh"?

I've got two sides
One is funny, one is sweet
So, I've got two sides
One half would just be incomplete
Sure a joy buzzer is neat
But tell me why can no one see
I've got two sides
Inside of me

Maybe I'm wrong
Maybe clowns can't sing sweet songs
Maybe I should just be strong
And, play along

But I've got two sides
One is funny, one is sweet
So, I've got two sides
Won't you help me out, Nancy?
Though it's fun to be funny
That's not all that I can be
I've got two sides
Inside of me

I've got two sides
Inside of me!


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