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Gus is Nancy's neighborhood mailman and a recurring character in Fancy Nancy.

Physical appearance

He is a bald brown complexion man; he has light brown eyes and black bushy eyebrows. He usually wears his mailman's uniform because, in most of his appearances, he is working.


Total appearances: 11.

* Bold indicates larger role


Front page of Plainfield Squealer.

  • In "Nancy Goes to Work", Doug mentioned him and he has participation but he doesn't appear physically, only appear his mail truck. His first physical appearance is at the beginning of "Toodle-oo, Miss Moo" buying stuff at Clancys' yard sale.
  • He has a white kitty named Parcel who appeared at the first time in "Nancy Clancy, Pet Psychic! when Nancy is singing "It's a Gift".
  • He is voluntary in Plainfield's fair at "Au Revoir, Jean-Claude", he is in charge in the game where Nancy lost all her tickets trying to win a new fish to "JoJo".
  • He is a ballroom dance champion along with Mrs. Devine, they also have stage names "Cha-Cha and Charlie" because they usually dance "The Cha-Cha".[1]
  • The kids help him find Parcel in "Nancy's Parcel Purrrsuit", at the finale they appear in the front page of "Plainfield Squealer" with the title "Plainfield Kids Save Mailman's Cat". He has a good relation with them.


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