Grace is Nancy's frenemy, she mostly appears as the antagonist.

Physical Appearance

Grace is a fair-skinned young girl, she has brown hair with a ponytail and bushy eyebrows. She usually wears a white shirt with blue stripes behind a yellow jacket with red borders, a red Capri legging and blue shoes with white socks. She usually appears using her bike, so she also uses her bike protective gear.


She is from a wealthy family, so she has a lot of good things to brag to the neighborhood's kids, which is the reason why the kids don't like Grace; Her family is unknown but her house and her bedroom appeared in "Mon Amie... Grace?", she has a doll named "Penelope"[1] , a bunny named "Fritters"[2], and a pony named Pepper.


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Grace's Bicycle was first seen in the episode Chez Nancy.

Total appearances: 18.

*Bold indicates a large role.


  • She is 9 years old.


  1. "The Case of The Disappearing Doll", season 1, episode 6B.
  2. "The Great Easter Bunny Stakeout", season 1, episode 22B.


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Grace riding on her bike in the episode "Mon Amie... Grace?".

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