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"Good Enough / It's Got To Be Done Right" is the song by the episode "Spring Dress Mess," sung by Nancy and Bree. It is the third song of Fancy Nancy to get a reprise.


Nancy and Bree must clean their rooms to get new dresses, but they don't have much time; so they decide to make their rooms look clean —hiding everything under their beds, and inside their closets. Unfortunately for them, it does not work, and their moms ask them to do it right.


Nancy: Cleaning is as quick
As one, two, three
You can make your drawer
A dustpan so easily
Just don't look under the hood
Why do as much as you should
As long as it looks good

Bree: Why scrub hard
When dusting light will do?
Why clean now when you can
Stall a day or two?
Who cares what's there underneath?
Just make sure nobody sees
As long as it looks neat

Nancy: Just hide all your toys from view
Your fancy shoes from view
Things Frenchy chews from view
Bree: Your brother's kazoo from view
Nancy: Out of sight, out of mind
A so-so job will do
Don't make a fuss
Forget the long way
Let's start taking
More shortcuts
Let's stop wasting our time
Bree: You know
They won't realize
Nancy: As long as it looks fine

Both: Just hide away
All your stuff
Sweep it under the rug
As long as it's--
Good enough

Nancy: A job half done
Is never really done
Bree: Cutting corners leads you
Right back to square one
Both: Now we both see the light
Won't make
The same mistake twice

It's got to be done right
It's got to be done right!


  • It is the third song to get a reprise.
  • The lyric "Hide your brother's kazoo from view" might be a reference to Prince James' kazoo —from Sofia the First, which Amber hid due how annoying it was.
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