Frenchy is the Clancy family's pet dog. The Clancy family found her in the newspaper that said "Frenchy, a sweet 1-year-old french poodle. Gentle and very sweet! Also very cute. Looking for a family to give her lots of love. Free to good home!" Nancy found Frenchy and decided to adopt her but then she and her family found out Frenchy was on the waiting list for the Loughran family. All hope was lost until Frenchy makes her big debut. Now she belongs to the Clancy's.


  • Frenchy was male in the original book series.

Five Things About Frenchy

  1. Frenchy loves treats. Milk Bones are her favorites.
  2. Frenchy gives the best nuggles, cuddles and kisses.
  3. Frenchy is fantastique doing tricks.
  4. Frenchy thinks nap time is the best time.
  5. Frenchy is practically an expert in chasing butterflies, squirrels and even other dogs.
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