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On the Fancy Nancy Wiki, we have hundreds of images & videos relating to characters, locations, episodes and more. If you decide to help us by uploading pictures, please ensure that they follow these guidelines:

  • Screenshots from episodes taken with a camera will not be accepted. (eg. taking a picture of your television while "Let's Break a Deal" is playing.)
  • Adding thumbnails taken from YouTube (e.g the thumbnail of "Dazzle Girl" done by the official Disney Junior Channel) is not allowed. But adding screenshots from the video itself is allowed and appreciated.
  • It is preferred that episode screenshots are cropped before posting (this is only if there are "black bars" on the sides.)
  • Episode screenshots are preferred to be in high definition/16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Episode screenshots containing large watermarks (text that overlays the image) aren't allowed. However, an exception to this rule is made for screenshots taken from KissCartoon files, Kimcartoon Files, Youtube files (but only on the actual episodes no parody or dolls video.) DisneyNOW Website and official Disney Junior videos.
  • Captions for images are allowed, but aren't required. Please ensure the caption accurately describes the image.
  • Images that break our guidelines will be removed very quickly. This includes any kind of inappropriate pictures or unrelated pictures. Unrelated images are okay as long as they are only on your profile page.


Credits to Vampirina Wiki and ArmaHero12, original author of these guidelines.

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