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On the Fancy Nancy Wiki, you are free to create blog posts based on the show and your experiences relating to it and your experiences on the Wiki. However, there are a few things that are generally undesired to write about, which are listed below:

  • Please do not put extremely personal things about your life in posts such as depression, deaths, or anything else that could embarrass or cause issues for you in the longrun.
  • Blog posts negatively targeting a user or an administrator will be deleted.
  • Off-topic posts are mostly allowed, but going too far with it will likely result in deletion. For example, making a blog post saying "Look! I found a website that lists all the types of fruit in the world!" probably won't stay long. This site is meant for Fancy Nancy related content only.
  • Promoting stories on other fanon wikis are considered advertisement. Please ask one of our administrators for permission before posting.

Posts that go against our guidelines will possibly result in certain consequences based on the severity of the situation. Remember that anyone in the entire world could read it. Otherwise, keep on posting and have fun on the site!


Credits to Vampirina Wiki and ArmaHero12, original author of these guidelines.

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