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Fancy Nancy (known as Fancy Nancy Clancy outside the United States and English-speaking Canada) is a 2018 Disney Junior animated family comedy series based on the wildly popular, NY Times bestselling children's same name book series centered on 6-year-old Nancy, who likes to be fancy in everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire.




In 2018, Nancy Kanter -- executive vice president, content and creative strategy of Disney Channels worldwide, said that she was aware of the books existence[1], and started to pursue the rights about eight or nine years ago. But they were already optioned for a possible feature by 20th Century Fox.[2]

Eventually, since the 20th Century Fox's Fancy Nancy feature was no longer active, Disney cut a deal with HarperCollins Children's Books in 2015 to adapt Fancy Nancy, whose development started in January 2016. It was developed by a group of artists and writers that worked on other Disney Junior shows like Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Sofia the First, and Goldie & Bear. Finally, its production started ten months later in October 2016.

Two years later in 2018, Disney announced that a second season was in the works; and one year later in 2019 prior to the second season premiere, they renewed the show for a third season, production for the third season wrapped up in June 2020 and it is set to air sometime in 2021.


It is produced by Disney Television Animation (storyboard, character design, writing, etc), and the animation was provided by Toiion Animation Studios from the first episode to the last episode of season one; and it currently is being provided by Snowball Studios and Stellar Creative Lab.


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Promotion and release

The show's promotion started in June 2018, one month before its premiere. Disney Music released a 14-songs album, while Disney Junior uploaded to their official YouTube channel an extended version of Add a Little Fancy, a trailer, and facts about the show's crew and characters. Also, Disney Junior started a countdown and shared more facts on their official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Finally, the first two episodes premiered on July 13, 2018 on Disney Junior, followed by five half-hour episodes aired once a week on a Friday. Six of those episodes were released as a DVD in November 2018, and the entire first season was released on Disney+ one year later.

In May 2020, Disney Music released another album counting to 17 songs, and six of them had not been aired when the album got released.

Home Media

Fancy Nancy: Volume 1 was released on November 20, 2020 in Region 1, and it contains the first six half-hour episodes.


Fancy Nancy got mixed reviews, getting 5.2 stars out of 10 on IMDb (197 votes), and 3 stars out of 5 by both kids (7 reviews) and parents (48 reviews) on Common Sense Media. While an expert of Common Sense Media gave 4 stars out of 5 and said "Books-inspired series celebrates individuality, expression."

In terms of rating, its premiere opened with 258,000 viewers and 3.4 rating among girls 2-5, becoming Disney Junior's best premiere in that target demo since Elena of Avalor in 2016, and the No. 1 telecast of the week in the demo.


While the second season is airing, Disney is working on the third season which is set to premiere anytime in 2021.


  • This is the first Disney Junior show that never had title cards on screen, and they are only spoken.