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Daisy is an episodic character from "Nancy and the Nice List." 


She is a humble girl who just wants her family to have a merry Christmas.


Daisy is a fair-skinned little girl with blond hair, green eyes and thin eyebrows. She wears a red jacket, blue pants and shoes.


Daisy met Nancy when they were both making Christmas ornaments. They immediately befriended each other. After talking a little about gifts, she reveals that she just wants her family to have a merry Christmas and does not care about gifts.

Later, it was revealed that Daisy's family actually is having bad times and they need help. Nancy, surprised, asked Santa why does she need help if she is just like her, so he explains that she is right, she is just like her, but everyone could need some help and that is okay.

Eventually, they get to meet each other again, and Daisy gives to Nancy the ornament she made before - Nancy was so grateful because of this. Next morning (Christmas morning), Nancy gives her brand-new fuchsia bike to Daisy, giving us one of the most emotional scenes of the whole series.

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