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Breanna Rose James, better known as Bree James, is a major character in Fancy Nancy. She’s Nancy's best friend. 


Like Nancy, Bree enjoys playing dress up, fashion shows and fancy tea parties. In addition to that, Bree also has a slight tomboyish side. "What's Bugging Nancy?" reveals she’s fond of hiking outdoors and loves studying insects.

Physical appearance

Bree has brown skin, light brown eyes and dark brown hair; curled up and tied into 2 buns. Her usual outfit is a frilly, periwinkle dress and purple shoes. Like Nancy, she has a variety of different outfits.

Five Things About Bree

  1. Bree is Nancy's next-door neighbor.
  2. Bree loves nature.
  3. Bree is a fantastique ice skater.
  4. Bree has a dog named Waffles.
  5. Bree adores her doll Chiffon.


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